I had no idea what the warning signs of this disease were.

The next day was ultrasound, the following day CT scan, then Thursday I met my gynaecological oncologist. I had tumours occluding both ovaries and indications it had spread to other places. Just ten days later, I had surgery for what turned out to be stage 3 ovarian cancer. Surgery included a radical hysterectomy, partial bowel resection and my omentum removed.

I had no idea what the warning signs of this disease were. There is nowhere near enough education for women in regards to gynae cancer.

On February 1 (the beginning of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month), while sitting in hospital, I started a Facebook page to do something about it. I am sharing my story – the good, the bad and the icky. My page is called, “it’s all about me and my ovaries.”

I have friends who have started private groups to support them in their cancer journey, but I’m more a “shout from the rooftop” kinda person, so shouting I am! I don’t want my friends, or their daughters, wives or any woman – to not know about cancer until it is too late.

I share posts and generally anything I see about gynaecological cancer, I like to plaster it all over the place. Today I even shared my new ‘do, as my hair started falling out from chemo. I’ve had three of 18 rounds now and I’ve shaved it all off! So I’m entertaining too, I think.