Cherish has a clear vision to transform the standard care of women and girls diagnosed with gynaecological cancer. While we can’t change the cancer diagnosis, we are committed to creating a kinder tomorrow by funding life-changing clinical trials and research. Our goal is to find causes, prevention and gentler treatment options for future generations to come. 

Women’s gynaecological health is often surrounded with shame, stigma and embarrassment, making it a taboo subject. However, the more we talk and raise awareness of gynaecological cancer symptoms, the earlier cancer can be detected, diagnosed and hopefully, more lives can be saved. 

Join us in this mission to cherish the women you love. Together, we can make a difference.

To date, Cherish has raised over $4,200,000 for gynaecological cancer research. Here are some of the current research projects and breakthroughts that Cherish has helped fund so far. There is still so much more to be achieved. 

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