In 2008, Barb was diagnosed with uterine cancer

Now over 10 years since her first uterine cancer diagnosis, Barb is in her late sixties. Along with her husband she is enjoying travel and her involvement with Probus, an association for active retirees and semi-retirees to meet like-minded people.

She also enjoys weekly National Seniors Fitness Classes, Pilates classes and walks regularly.

In 2013 Barb fundraised towards an event called the Weekend to End Women’s Cancers 60km walk, raising donations of $6,100. Barb’s fundraising efforts also focused on the Cherish Women’s Cancer Foundation, participating in events such as movie nights, morning teas and the Cherish Battle.

Her motivation to fundraise was brought about by personally having cancer and wanting to give back to the medical profession who cared for her, not once, but twice.

In 2008, Barb was diagnosed with uterine cancer and her care, under the direction of Professor Andreas Obermair (Surgical Oncologist) and Dr Jeff Goh (Medical Oncologist) involved radiation and chemotherapy and their associated tests. With support from her husband, empathy from her employer at the time, positiveness from her two daughters and thoughtfulness from friends helped her through her treatment. The scare encouraged her to be more diligent with health matters”. Barb said.

In 2012, Barb after having an annual breast check was diagnosed with a low-grade breast cancer. Treatment involved radiation and per recent tests, doctors have given her the ‘all clear’ – thus further opportunity to embrace life. Barb encourages women to be vigilant with health checks.

“Otherwise, try not to worry, live a healthy lifestyle and have a purpose in life to look forward to has definitely helped me to have a positive outlook and embrace my experiences and ultimately help others be aware.”