Due to the ongoing situation with the global pandemic, Cherish Women’s Cancer Foundation has cancelled the Cherish Challenge Larapinta 2020 treks due to depart in June/July.

The safety of all of our trekkers, their families and our team is of the utmost importance. Even if the strict travel restrictions and social distancing are eased by mid-2020, we feel there is too much uncertainty to expect our bold participants to commit their time and energy to the trek.

On behalf of our team, we would like to thank our trekkers for putting up their hands to help women and girls with gynaecological cancer. Please be assured that your fundraising efforts are not in vain. Every dollar raised will go towards improving the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of this disease.

We continue to be grateful for the kindness of the Cherish community. During this difficult time, we urge you to stay safe and healthy by following the health authorities’ advice and looking after each other.