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Why Sharleen Smith says the Cherish Trek chose her

One day, Sharleen Smith said to her husband, “I’m going to trek in Nepal.” The next thing she knew, Cherish had launched their first fundraising adventure to Everest Base Camp. “It was just meant to be,” Sharleen says. “It felt right – I can achieve my goal and do it for a good cause.”

Sharleen is no stranger to gynaecological cancer. For many years, she has worked as a nurse, assisting women as they prepare for, or recover from, surgery for gynaecological cancer. “I’ve never seen the whole journey from diagnosis to treatment, but I have helped women during some of their most vulnerable moments,” Sharleen says. “I have consoled families who face losing a loved one in the hospital, and I have seen very sick women get better and go home to their children. That is part of nursing life.”

“When I heard about the Cherish Trek, I thought it aligned well with what I do. There are so many people you could be helping in this world, so many people with a need – but I feel like this fundraising adventure chose me.”

Sharleen is also no stranger to Cherish Women’s Cancer Foundation. “I worked previously with Professor Andreas Obermair, the Chair of Cherish,” she says. “I learnt a lot from him. He has been a real mentor for me in the medical profession. Knowing Andreas is taking on this challenge has inspired me.”

In preparation for the Cherish Trek, Sharleen is doing her research and training. “I’ve tried on my boots and booked my flights,” she says. “I’m reasonably healthy and I walk and go to the gym. My only concern is the possibility of altitude sickness.”

As for fundraising, Sharleen has a good friend in her corner. “I’m not very experienced with fundraising, but my friend is helping me to organise a big event. It’s a ladies’ race day at the Toowoomba race track, and we hope to get as many family and friends there as we can. Let’s see how we go!”

When asked if her husband and children will be joining her on the Cherish Trek, Sharleen laughs. “You’ve got to set your own goals in life,” she says.

You can help Sharleen reach her goal by donating to her fundraising page here.