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Thank you for creating an event or activity that will raise funds for Cherish Women’s Cancer Foundation to support our efforts to find and fund better treatments for gynaecological cancer.

We’ve got some great Fundraising Tips and Tricks available to help you in your efforts! Here’s some ideas:

  • Host an Auction Morning Tea and ask each attendee to donate a high value item others can bid for, with all proceeds going to Cherish Women’s Cancer Foundation.
  • Organise a Ladies Golf Day and ask the Golf Club’s membership to get involved with providing raffle prizes and sell raffle tickets through the local community.
  • Enter a team into The Battle beach volleyball tournament and fundraise!
  • Host an event for your school, business or community encouraging sponsorship from local businesses to provide a yummy meal, keynote speaker, music and entertainment.
  • Choose Cherish as your allocated beneficiary when you next enter a sporting event such as the Bridge to Brisbane.

Download our Fundraising Tips and Tricks

Fundraising Tips and Tricks
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Tell Us About It

If you have an idea not in this list, that’s fantastic! We love innovation. We’d love to hear what you are planning and help with your promotion of your activity or event. Please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.