March/April 2019

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Who is stepping up for Cherish?

Our Everest Base Camp trekkers pledged to each raise $10,000 to support vital gynaecological cancer research. This is on top of their courageous commitment to take part in this adventure of a lifetime and the associated trekking gear and travel costs. We are so grateful to this amazing group of twelve because they have reached out to their families, friends, supporters and networks and surpassed $100,000!!!!  What an incredible achievement in support of gynaecological cancer research.  But let’s not stop there – with only a few weeks to go until the trek, let’s see how high we can go!

Please support our trekkers here or click on who you would like to support from the list below.

Here are the teams (so far) who will trek to Everest Base Camp, Nepal in March and April 2019 to raise funds for vital gynaecological cancer research.

Trek 1 – 21 March to 7 April 2019

  1. Nikki F.
  2. Linda Q.
  3. Annette A.
  4. Roxanne B.
  5. Dr. Alex M.

Trek 2 – 6 April to 25 April 2019

  1. Dr. Andreas O.
  2. Sharleen S.
  3. Dr. James M.
  4. Mary C.
  5. Bronwen S.
  6. Dr. Andrea G.
  7. Paula H.

The two groups will connect in Kathmandu on 7 April.

The full itinerary for both treks can be found on the itinerary page under Event Details.