March/April 2019

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What is the Everest Base Camp Trek 2019?

This is our first-ever trek to Everest Base Camp in the name of gynaecological cancer research!  Challenge yourself and become part of our adventurous team prepared to step up for the women we cherish.

Our plan is simple! With this trek, we will raise funds to support the 6,000 women and girls diagnosed with gynaecological cancer each year in Australia.  We will carry these women in our hearts and minds as we walk to Everest Base Camp through lush forests and stunning mountain scenery in March & April 2019.

Let our Cherish Chair and Head of Research Professor Obermair explain why to step up for the women we cherish.

Expert mountain guides

While Professor Obermair is an expert in gynaecological cancer and its research, he is not a qualified mountain guide.  That is why we have chosen Satori Adventures  as the tour guide operator to support our team every step of the way.

One step closer to joining us?

We know this is a big commitment.  But, we are confident that it will be the adventure of a lifetime.  Here are three big, bold reasons to join us:

  1. This is your opportunity to do something extraordinary for a good cause;
  2. You’ll connect with some amazing individuals and inspire others;
  3. You will help to change lives forever, including your own.

Got more questions?

Why not read the  event details and decide if you would like to be part of our team?  Places are limited so don’t take too long to make up your mind.

You may have a million questions.  That’s OK.  Please check our  FAQ’s. If you can’t find an answer for your question email us at   We’d love to help you work out if this adventure is for you.