March/April 2019

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What is the Everest Base Camp Trek 2019?

This was our first-ever trek to Everest Base Camp in the name of gynaecological cancer research!  Twelve trekkers challenged themselves and became part of our adventurous team and stepped up for the women we cherish.

Our plan was simple! Raise funds to support the 6,000 women and girls diagnosed with gynaecological cancer each year in Australia.  Our fabulous trekkers carried these women in their hearts and minds as they walked through lush forests and stunning mountain scenery in March & April 2019 to Everest Base Camp.

Our Everest Base Camp trekkers pledged to each raise $10,000 to support vital gynaecological cancer research on top of their courageous commitment to take part in this adventure of a lifetime and the associated trekking gear and travel costs. We are so grateful to this amazing group of twelve because they have reached out to their families, friends, supporters and networks and surpassed $168,000!!!!  An absolutely incredible achievement in support of gynaecological cancer research. A huge congratulations to our trekkers on their incredible courage and comradery throughout their journey to Everest Base Camp, on their amazing achievement, and fantastic fundraising efforts to help fund research for women with gynaecological cancer.

You may have missed out on this adventure but stay tuned to our Facebook page in the coming months for the announcement of our next fundraising adventure!