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To give your team the winning edge, power play tokens can be purchased at the Cherish merchandise table for $50. Please read the rules before purchasing.


  • Each token can only be used once (tokens must be relinquished to referees when redeeming). However, teams can purchase three tokens per game.
  • Teams must disclose their tokens prior to commencement of each game to the referee and their opposition (tokens do not have to be used during the game but opposing team must be given notice that a token may be used).
  • When a team elects to use a token, the opposing team must play one point on their knees or one point with their oppositions hand behind their backs (one hand only per player)
  • PPT must be redeemed before each point is played (i.e. prior to serve) – PPTs cannot be redeemed once playing of a point commences.
  • PPT can be used at any time during a match (including the point that may win a game).
  • PPTs can be used in semi-finals and finals matches
  • No time-out will be allowed during the course of a game to enable purchasing of PPTs



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