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How to set up a team

“The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example” – John Wooden

To set up a team you need to register yourself first via the online registration system. The first team member to register (usually the Team Leader) will be required to “create” the team during registration – there will be a page which asks “Do you want to join or create a team?”. You will need to click on “create a team”.  Make sure you know what you want to call your team.  Once the team is created the Team Leader can ask new team members to join the team by sending them an email with a link.

Each member is to initially register through the online registration system where they will join the team the Team Leader has created. So make sure you know the name of the team! Start typing the team name and a drop down menu will appear with team names. Select the team name to join the team and continue with your registration! The team leader should make sure all potential team members have the name and correct spelling of the team set up, as well as the password. It is imperative that team members select the team name when prompted to do so during the registration process.

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