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The Battle is a fun beach volleyball evening but there is also a serious side to this event. Together we are raising funds for Cherish’s nominated research partner – the Queensland Centre for Gynaecological Research (QCGC Research).

Making a difference

This is your opportunity to help the 5,000 women and girls diagnosed with gynaecological cancer in Australia each year. QCGC Research works to find less invasive diagnosis and treatment for these cherished women. Read more.


Fundraising can be fun and it’s up to you how you chose to get your family, friends, colleagues and complete strangers on board.

Apart from feeling amazing because you’re raising money for a good cause, your team will also be rewarded for its efforts. In 2017 we are offering the following fundraising incentives:

$750 raised – this is the nominal fundraising target for each team to participate in games on the night.

$1,500 & over raised – your team will receive 2 x power play tokens (valued at $50 ea), a hospitality package (5 pax) including food & drinks (non-alcoholic).

$3,000 & over raised – your team will receive 4 x power play tokens (valued at $50 ea), a deluxe hospitality package (5 pax) including food, drink & bar tab & a reserved marquee.

Power Play tokens – $50 each.  If your team holds a Power Play Token – you can get all members of the opposing team to play one point on their knees.

Top five fundraising tips for The Battle 2017

Start early. Kick off your fundraising in November and you’ll have about 16 weeks to raise the team minimum of $750 – that’s less than $47 per week per team of 5-8 people.

  1. Mix it up. A variety of exercise is the best way to get fit, right? The same applies to fundraising. Check out the ideas below and mix up your team efforts.
  2. Keep the ‘fun’ in fundraising. Yes, we are raising funds for a very serious cause. But there’s still fun involved. Fun and humour are a great way to connect with others.
  3. Challenge and support each other. Everyone hits a fundraising plateau or wall at some point. Motivate and encourage each other and share what you’re doing to make a difference.
  4. Remember every dollar counts. Some of the most critical international research trials have begun with limited funding. We celebrate every donation – big and small – because it all makes a difference.


 ‘fun’draising ideas

Here are some fundraising ideas from past Battle teams.

  1. Share a link to your fundraising page via your own social media accounts and ask your family and friends to support you by doing the same.
  2. Host morning or afternoon tea at your workplace for a gold coin donation and/or set up a swear jar for your co-workers.
  3. Ask if your employer will gift-match your donations to support your fundraising efforts.
  4. Organise a local community car wash or rope your local car wash in and for a percentage of the day’s proceeds, promote it to everyone you know.
  5. Hold a ‘guess the number of jellybeans or coffee beans in the jar’ competition.
  6. Ask for a donation in lieu of birthday or Christmas presents.
  7. Have a sausage sizzle or a lamington drive.
  8. Rope your training buddies in with a training session challenge for an extra fee.
  9. Offer a mini-goal if your team achieves a target – say you’ll wear wetsuits on the night if you raise $2,000 beforehand or you’ll shave your head for $3,000.
  10. Host a girls’ or boys’ night in – whether it’s for pampering or pizza (or both).

We’d love to see your fundraising efforts. You can share them with us via our Facebook and Twitter accounts and by hashtagging #CherishBattle and #DigitBNE.



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